Unlocking the Power of Cisco DNA Center Gen 2 Appliances


Cisco DNA Center is the central hub for managing your network infrastructure. It provides powerful tools to optimize your network investments and reduce IT spending. In this guide, we will explore the Gen 2 UCS-based appliances that host Cisco DNA Center.

"Cisco DNA CENTER APPL GEN 2 - DN2-HW-APL - client end deploy - Picture 1 of 2"
"Cisco DNA CENTER APPL GEN 2 - DN2-HW-APL - client end deploy - Picture 2 of 2"

Previously, DNA Center appliances were hosted on Gen 1 (Generation 1) UCS-based chassis, but these have since been retired. Cisco now offers Gen 2 (Generation 2) UCS chassis for hosting DNA Center.

You have the flexibility to set up a standalone chassis or configure DNA Center on a three-node cluster, ensuring high availability and redundancy.


This table provides a clear comparison of the three DNA Center Gen 2 appliance models based on their hardware specifications and release versions. For more information visit cisco official site https://cisco.com

DNA Center ModelCoresSwitches/RoutersAPsClients (Wireless/Wired)Release
DN2 – Entry44 Core M51000400020,000/50001.2.8
DN2 – Mid Size56 Core M52000600040,0001.3
DN2 – Large112 Core M5500013,000100,0001.3

License Type

Overview of the different license types and their included features, helping you choose the one that best suits your needs.

License TypeFeatures IncludedUse Case
DNA EssentialsBase platform featuresFundamental network management
DNA AdvantageEssentials + Assurance & SD-AccessEnhanced network visibility and security
DNA PremierAdvantage + SD-WAN & Cloud AppsAdvanced network control and automation
DNA Premier Add-OnPremier + Cisco Threat ResponseIntegrated threat detection and response
DNA Software for SD-WANSD-WAN capability onlySD-WAN functionality without other features

In this guide, we’ve explored the transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2 DNA Center appliances and highlighted the differences between various models. Cisco’s commitment to innovation ensures that DNA Center continues to meet the evolving needs of network management. For DNA Center Step by step guide click here Cisco DNA Center A Step By Step Deployment Guide.

Stay tuned for more in-depth guides on deploying and configuring Cisco DNA Center.

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